It was a period of untouchability that even the qualified trained teachers who belonged to Ezhava community were denied government employments in school. Sri A. Madhavan, BA L.T and Sri .s. Paramu, BA, L.T were the two typical victims in this region. However the perseverance and dedicated service of Sri. Govindan, Kunnuvila, Vilabhagom, resulted in starting a school named Vidhya Vilasini, at Vilabhagom, in his own family property. .

The sad state of affairs of the Ehava educated youth provoked Sri. M. Madhavan, Mavila Veedu and Sri. R.M. Narayanan, Kuzhivila Veedu , Vilabhagom. This led them to put their heads tighter and evolved and idea to start a school at Vilabhagom Near, Varkala Thiruvananthapuram District of Kerala.

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