It was a period of untouchability that even the qualified trained teachers who belonged to Ezhava community were denied government employments in school. Sri A. Madhavan, BA L.T and Sri .s. Paramu, BA, L.T were the two typical victims in this region. However the perseverance and dedicated service of Sri. Govindan, Kunnuvila, Vilabhagom, resulted in starting a school named Vdhya Vilasini, at Vilabhagom, in his own family property.

The sad state of affairs of the Ehava educated youth provoked Sri. M. Madhavan, Mavila Veedu and Sri. R.M. Narayanan, Kuzhivila Veedu , Vilabhagom. This led them to put their heads tighter and evolved and idea to start a school at Vilabhagom Near, Varkala Thiruvananthapuram District of Kerala. The dream came true when sanction was accorded to start Asan Memorial Vernacular Middle School in Vidhya Vilasini Scholl in 1933. Again they sought the help of Sri. Govindan to get permission from the Government to open a Training School. In fact a team consisting of 15 members including Sri. R. Govindan toiled and moiled to start to switch a School. In the long run approval to open a Training School had been granted.


Consequent on to the development the 15 members felt a need for a permanent location for the Training school. So they approached a big gun of the locality name Sri. Madhavan, Meenamkunnu, Vilabhagom and convinced the imminent reqiurment of a separate plot of this school. Realizing the grave situation he magnanimously donated 100 cents of land to Sri. Paramu B.A, L.T for running the training school. This paved the way for establishing the school in the present permission in 1935. Subsequently Sri. Govindan surrenderd the Vidhya Vilasini School to Government which is the present Government Lower Primary School, Vilabhagom, Varkala, TVM, Kerala. This is one of the feeding schoolsof Asan Memorial TeacherTraining Institute.

The first name of this school was Asan Memorial Basic Training School which was re named as Asan Memorial Teacher Training Institute during 1985 -86. Mahakavi Kumaran Asan commemoration Hall at Kaikara is nearly 4 K m away from this Institution. Asan Memorial Teacher Training Institute is the first Institution ever started in the name of Great Malayalam poet KUMARA NASAN.

The upper primary Section was started in this institution in 1935. N. Vidhya Sagaran , K.M. Bhaskharan, G. Sreedharan were the first students. The trained teacher’s certificate (T.T.C) course was started in 1937 and the first student was Sri. Chellappan Pillai, Kaliyil Veedu , Vettoor P.o. Altogether there were 24 students in 1937. Gradually the Management labored hard to get permission to start two units in the Training school Section. But later two units sanctioned were reduced to one unit.

Seven building had been constructed for the school with the sincere effort of the former Managers and the share holders. A well with electric pump set has been arranged in the school for providing Drinking water. Since the school is located by the side of Varkala- Kadakkavoor road. There is sufficient facility for transportation.

The Manager of the school was Sri. Govindan. His successors were Sri, A. Madhavan, B.A, L.T, Sri. S. Paramu, B.A, L.T, Sri, M.Chandra Sekharan, Sri. V. Vijayan, Retired Joint Secreatary , Govt: Secretariate Kerala,Smt. K. Subhashini, Sri, G. Sundasresan, Sri, N. Sreekumar.

Sri. S. Paramu B A, L.T was appointed as the first Headmaster of this school and he was suceededby A. MAdhavan, Dr. M. Haridas, Sri. P.M. Lohithashan, Sri, K. Chellappan, Smt. G. Padmavathy Amma, Smt . D. Radhamma, Sri. K.K. Mrithunjayan, M.A , BEd, Sri. M. M. Mohanan, Smt. B.Saraswathy bai,

Smt. R. Lalitha, Smt, N. Sailaja and the present Principal is N. Leena . Sri. K. Chellappan, had the rare privilege to the hold the post of Headmaster for the 21 years from 1962-1983

The Upper Primary Section consists of standards V, VI, & VII with 2.3.2 respectively. Two hundred pupils have been getting modern education the Academic year 2017-18. The training section wings have two classes, like Junior and senior training students.

All the infrastructural and instructional facilities have been well arranged for impacting better education. The management provides transportation facilities to students and also supplies free uniforms to poor students. A three storied building is being completed for enhancing more instructional facilities.

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